2019-2020 University Catalog 
    Jun 02, 2020  
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LJS 295 - Topics in Law and Legal Studies

Credits: 2-4

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior class standing. instructor consent, and approval by application at go.wlu.edu/app-ugr-to-law.pdf. Courses available for credit include seminars and upper-level electives, but excludes all first-year courses, Constitutional Law, Evidence, clinics, practica, and externships.

Fall 2019, LJS 295A-01: Topics in Law and Legal Studies: Art Law Seminar (2). While some "art-specific" laws exist at the state and federal level, the practice of art law frequently involves application of other areas of law -- contract, property, tort, and constitutional law -- to the relationships, rights, transactions, and disputes among collectors, artists, dealers, auction houses, museums, and other art-world participants. This seminar provides students with a general introduction "art law", including defining art and cultural property; artist's legal rights (copyright, First Amendment, resale royalty rights, and censorship); the international trade of art and measures to limit that trade; authenticity and ownership disputes; the fate of art works in wartime; repatriation of art and antiquities; laws protecting flora and fauna that are sometimes used in art; and other topics. Monaghan.

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