2019-2020 University Catalog 
    May 23, 2024  
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HIST 210 - Paris: History, Image, Myth

Experiential Learning (EXP): YES
Credits: 4

Prerequisite: Instructor consent. Students may not take this course and ARTS 223. Participants in this course spend four weeks in Paris asking the following questions: how has history shaped Parisian life and Parisian spaces? How can we use photography to document the city’s changing landscape as well as understand its rich past? Indeed, how has photography–the development of which is closely tied to Paris’ history–altered the fabric of the city? Topics include the social and political transformations of the 19th century, the shifting geography of artistic Paris, and contemporary trends such as immigration and gentrification. This course is taught in close collaboration with ARTS 223, creating an interdisciplinary context for students to explore the relationship of photography to the modern history and contemporary issues of Paris.


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