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    Oct 18, 2021  
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JOUR 295 - Topics in Journalism and Mass Communications

Credits: 1-4

Study of a selected topic in journalism or mass communications. May be repeated for degree credit if the topics are different. Appropriate for non-majors.

Spring 2020, JOUR 295-01: Say What? Landmark First Amendment Cases and their Implications for Speech in the 21st Century (3). This course helps students to understand the First Amendment in context and the different forms of expressions that have shaped its jurisprudence. The U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretations of expression have implications for all aspects of American political life and often involve protection of minority, often unpopular, viewpoints from being overpowered by the majority, or by the government. Abah.

Spring 2020, JOUR 295-02: Media Stereotypes: Women, Minorities, and Yoga (3). No prerequisite. A media-literacy course to help students better understand the mass media’s representation of minorities, and especially women through different lenses including yoga practice. We examine whether and/or how this has changed over time, what forces have affected change (or not), and the current state of their representation. Students become improved critical consumers of the mass media, particularly as it relates to the representation of minorities and women, and to use critical thinking skills to understand (1) how media is stereotyping, (2) media’s target audience, and (3) the impact of stereotyping. Bhalla.

Spring 2020, JOUR 295-03: Religion and Reporting (4). Open to non-majors. This class explores how the news media cover religion and whether this coverage helps or hinders understanding. Where do reporters turn for facts about religions? Do journalists reflect accurately and authentically religious lives? How do the news media depict people with extreme beliefs? Students examine these and other questions through readings, discussion, and interviews with experts and people of faith. Field trips allow personal exposure to places of worship. Colón.

Fall 2019, JOUR 295A-01: Topics in Journalism and Mass Communications: Studio Production (3). From Ariana Grande’s “Musical Genre Challenge” with Jimmy Fallon to political satire on Saturday Night Live, much of our favorite content today flows out of the TV studio and onto our digital devices. Learning to produce programming in the studio and distribute it across platforms and formats can be a valuable skill set. This course provides students hands-on experience in the Reid Hall television studio as they produce content for brands, academics, nonprofits, and peer audiences. Artwick.

Fall 2019, JOUR 295B-01: Topics in Journalism and Mass Communications: Money Talks: Financial Tools for Communications (3).  Prerequisite: JOUR 201 or instructor consent. Communications professionals must understand how money influences all aspects of messages. This course introduces students to how Wall Street finances public and private ventures, fuels global markets, strengthens economies, influences Congress, and trickles down to Main Street. Such understanding provides students with another set of tools that add context and quantifiable proof to support product pitches, public relations campaigns and news stories. Swasy.

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