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    Jun 15, 2024  
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ENGL 292 - Topics in British Literature

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: Completion of the FW requirement. British literature, supported by attention to historical and cultural contexts. Versions of this course may survey several periods or concentrate on a group of works from a short span of time or focus on a cultural phenomenon. Students develop their analytical writing skills through both short papers and a final multisource research paper. May be repeated for degree credit and for the major if the topics are different.

Spring 2020, ENGL 292-01: Topic in British Literature: Celluloid Shakespeare (4). Prerequisite: Completion of the FDR FW writing requirement. The films adapted from or inspired by William Shakespeare’s plays are a genre unto themselves. We study a selection of films, not focused on their faithfulness to the original playscript but on the creative choices and meanings of the distinct medium of film. We see how the modern era has transmuted the plays through the lens of contemporary sensibility, politics, and culture—and through the new visual mode of film storytelling. We hear reports from students about additional films to expand the repertoire of films we study and enjoy. (HL) Dobin. [counts toward MRST requirements and FILM minor as a film course, when appropriate]

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