2019-2020 University Catalog 
    Jun 25, 2024  
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BIOL 297 - Topics in Biology

Credits: 3 or 4 in fall or winter; 4 in spring

Prerequisites vary with topic. Topics vary with instructor and term.

Winter 2020, BIOL 297A-01: Topic: Cell Biology (3). Not to be taken by students who have completed BIOL 211 or 211S. This course focuses on understanding the components of a cell, the internal organization of a cell, how they move, how they function, how they respond to cues from their external environment, and the limits of our current knowledge. Lecture topics will include the internal organization of a cell, structure and function of DNA, RNA and proteins, membrane and cytoskeleton structure and function, protein sorting, membrane transport, cell cycle and cell cycle control, cell signaling and communication, cell death and cancer. Watson.

Spring 2020, BIOL 297-01: Topic: Urban Ecology (4). An integration of the complexity of interactions between living organisms and the rapidly changing, human-dominated, urban environment. Students study the implications of urbanization on water and nutrient cycles, invasive species, heat island effects, and how humans are altering the evolutionary trajectory of human commensal species. The course includes a week-long field component running an experiment on human-wildlife interactions. Bleicher.

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