2021-2022 University Catalog 
    Apr 02, 2023  
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Law, Justice, and Society (LJS)

The Law, Justice, and Society Program engages students in an interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of law and justice, challenges students to think freely, critically, and humanely about the role of law at a variety of levels (local, national, regional, global), and equips students to critically examine law and justice across cultural, chronological, topical, and institutional settings.

Program Head: Julie Furr Youngman


First date is the year in which the faculty member began regular-faculty service at the University. Second date is the year of appointment to the present rank.

Carlys Elizabeth Belmont, J.D.—(2001)-2010
Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Community Legal Practice Center
J.D., Loyola University

John Charles Bovay, LL.M.—2016
Visiting Professor of Accounting
LL.M., University of Florida

Kevin M. Crotty, J.D., Ph.D.—(1999)-2004
J. Donald Childress Professor of Classics and Professor of Law
Ph.D., Yale University

Mark Drumbl, LL.M., J.S.D.—(2001)-2006
Class of 1975 Alumni Professor of Law; Director, Transnational Law Institute; and Alumni Faculty Fellow
LL.M., J.S.D., Columbia University

Peter Grajzl, Ph.D.—(2009)-2019
Ehrick Kilner Haight Sr. Term Professor of Economics, 2017-2020
Ph.D., University of Maryland

Toni Locy, M.S.L.—(2008)-2013
Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications
M.S.L., University of Pittsburgh

Timothy Lubin, Ph.D.—(1997)-2009
Professor of Religion
Ph.D., Columbia University

Russell A. Miller, M.A., LL.M.—(2007)-2012
Professor of Law and Lecturer in Literature
M.A., LL.M., J.W. Goethe University

Mark E. Rush, Ph.D.—(1990)-2002
Stanley D. and Nikki Waxberg Professor of Politics and Director, Center for International Education
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Julia Furr Youngman, M.A., J.D.—(2013)-2017
Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Adjunct Professor of Law
M.A., Duke University
J.D., Duke University


Law, Justice, and Society interdisciplinary courses are as follows:

and when appropriate and approved in advance:

Law course descriptions from the 2019-20 School of Law Catalog. These are taken by undergraduates as LJS 295 .

  • LAW 201 - Administrative Law

  • LAW 203 - Art Law Seminar

  • LAW 212 - Adoption Law Seminar

  • LAW 221 - Child Abuse and Neglect Seminar

  • LAW 222 - Mass Media Law

  • LAW 228 - Civil Rights Seminar

  • LAW 237 - Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar

  • LAW 252 - Corporate Social Responsiblity Seminar

  • LAW 256 - Critical Race Theory Seminar

  • LAW 263 - Death Penalty

  • LAW 264 - Cyber Security Seminar

  • LAW 266 - Decedents’ Estates and Trusts

  • LAW 269 - Election Law and Voting Rights Seminar

  • LAW 271 - Disability Law Seminar

  • LAW 284 - Introduction to European Union Law Seminar

  • LAW 293 - Federal Income Taxation of Individuals

  • LAW 304 - Gender and Law Seminar

  • LAW 306 - First Amendment Seminar

  • LAW 307 - Global Environmental Governance: Law, Economics and Policy

  • LAW 316 - Healthcare Law

  • LAW 320 - Intellectual Property

  • LAW 331 - Immigration Law

  • LAW 340 - Jurisprudence Seminar

  • LAW 371 - National Security Law

  • LAW 383 - Mass Atrocities Seminar

  • LAW 393 - Privacy and Information Security Law Seminar

  • LAW 412 - Sentencing Law and Policy

  • LAW 430 - German Law in Context Seminar