2021-2022 University Catalog 
    Mar 04, 2024  
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ARTS 292 - Special Topics in Photography

Credits: 3 in fall or winter; 4 in spring.

Prerequisite: varies by topic. Advanced study in photography, with an emphasis on a specialized topic within the medium. Course may be taught by visiting artists or faculty. Lab fee required.

Winter 2022, ARTS 292-01: Special Topics in Photography: Performance and the Lens (3).
This course is an exploration of technical, conceptual, and theoretical approaches to making, staging, and directing performance-based photographic work using film, digital and/or video cameras. Students will engage in readings, in and outside of class projects, critiques, and discussions that challenge the nature of performance, constructive visual narrative with the camera, and documentation. Possible topics will include transformation, impermanence, absurdity, intentionality of storytelling, and illusion. The class will produce collaborative and solo work that culminates in a final project led by individual student interests that engages with performance, documentation and narrative presented as an image or video-based series. Bowden.

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