2020-2021 University Catalog 
    Oct 27, 2021  
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JOUR 295 - Topics in Journalism and Mass Communications

Credits: 1-4

Study of a selected topic in journalism or mass communications. May be repeated for degree credit if the topics are different. Appropriate for non-majors.

Spring 2021, JOUR 295A-01: Topics in Journalism and Mass Communications: Media Stereotypes: Women, Minorities, and Yoga (3). A media-literacy course to help students better understand the mass media’s representation of minorities, and especially women through different lenses including yoga practice. We examine whether and/or how this has changed over time, what forces have affected change (or not), and the current state of their representation. Students become improved critical consumers of the mass media, particularly as it relates to the representation of minorities and women, and to use critical thinking skills to understand (1) how media is stereotyping, (2) media’s target audience, and (3) the impact of stereotyping. Bhalla.

Spring 2021, JOUR 295B-01: Topics in Journalism and Mass Communications: The Framing of Race in Mass Media (3). This course will look at how the media frames race through online news coverage, broadcasts, podcasts, movies and social media. We will ascertain the accuracy of the portrayal of racial and ethnic groups. We will examine how the media rely on clichés, ignorance and fear when it comes to differences. Do they offer a comprehensive and contextual view? This course will highlight the good, the bad and the ugly and delve into the complexity of culture that can educate and surprise. Colón.

Fall 2020, JOUR 295A-01: Topics in Journalism and Mass Communications: Digital Content Production in the Age of COVID-19 (3). When the coronavirus pandemic forced TV studios to shut down in March 2020, late-night shows quickly pivoted to online and social platforms. Following the lead of Trevor Noah’s “The Daily Social Distancing Show,” this course has adapted as well, shifting out of Reid Hall’s Studio 311 to virtual formats. In this experiential learning (EXP) class, students will produce content for brands, academics, non-profits, and peer audiences. We will engage with industry professionals through Zoom and will learn concepts and skills to research, interview, write, record, and edit digital media. C. Artwick.

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