2021-2022 University Catalog 
    Jan 27, 2022  
2021-2022 University Catalog

Administrative Officers

Organizational Chart of Administrative Responsibility, 2021-2022  


Supervisory staff with earliest date of most recent employment (in parentheses) and date of most recent title, reflecting employment after July 1, 2021.

Corporate Officers

William C. Dudley, Ph.D.—(2017)-2017
President of the University

Steven G. McAllister, M.B.A.—(1993)-2008
Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

James D. Farrar Jr., B.A.—(1986)-2002 (to December 31, 2021)
Secretary of the University and Senior Advisor to the President

Jessica L. Willett, B.A.—(2002)-2021 (from January 1, 2022)
Secretary of the University and Vice President of Communications and Strategic Initiatives

Office of the President

William C. Dudley, Ph.D.—(2017)-2017
President of the University

James D. Farrar Jr., B.A.—(1986)-2002 (to December 31, 2021)
Secretary of the University and Senior Advisor to the President

Timothy M. Diette, Ph.D.—(2004)-2018 (to October 1, 2021)
Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic Analysis and Professor of Economics

Provost and Academic Administration

Lena M. Hill, Ph.D.—(2018)-2021

Paul Alan Youngman, Ph.D.—(2012)-2018
Associate Provost

Chawne M. Kimber, Ph.D.—(2021)-2021
Dean of The College

Frederick J. LaRiviere, Ph.D.—(2006)-2019
Associate Dean of The College

Beth Lucy-Speidel, M.A., M.S.—(2019)-2019
Associate Dean of The College

Genelle C. Gertz, Ph.D.—(2003)-2021
Associate Dean of The College for Strategic Initiatives

Robert D. Straughan, Ph.D.—(2000)-2015
Crawford Family Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

Elizabeth Goad Oliver, Ph.D.—(1991)-2018
Associate Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

Katherine (K.T.) Vaughan, Ed.D.—(2020)-2020
Hal F. and Barbra Buckner Higginbotham University Librarian

Kimberly D. Robinson, B.S.—(2019)-2021
University Registrar

C. Allan Lockett, M.A.—(2021)-2021
Associate University Registrar

Mark E. Rush, Ph.D.—(1990)-2015
Director of International Education

Hunter R. Swanson, M.S.—(2017)-2017
Associate Director for International Education

Paul S. Hanstedt, Ph.D.—(2019)-2019
Director of the Houston H. Harte Center for Teaching and Learning

Kristy L. Crickenberger—(2017)-2017
Associate Director of Assessment

Matthew P. Loar, Ph.D.—(2019)-2019
Director of Fellowships

Robert W. H. Mish III, M.A.—(1990)-2005
Director, Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts

Paul Richard Kuettner, D.M.L.—(1989)-1989
Director, Global Research LaboratorySascha L.  Goluboff, Ph.D.—(1999)-2020
Director, Community-Based Learning

Beth A. Staples, M.F.A.—(2018)-2018
Editor of Shenandoah

School of Law

Michelle Lyon Drumbl, LL.M.—(2004)-2021
Interim Dean, School of Law

David C. Baluarte, J.D.—(2013)-2019
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, and Interim Director, Law Library, School of Law

Trenya Mason, J.D..—(2015)-2020
Assistant Dean of Law Student Affairs

Elizabeth O. Branner, M.B.A.—(1999)-2012
Assistant Dean for Law School Advancement

Clifford R. Jarrett, J.D.—(2014)-2014
Assistant Dean for Career Strategy, School of Law

Christopher Seaman, J.D. —(2012)-2017
Director, Frances Lewis Law Center, School of Law

Peter Jetton, M.A.—(2000)-2008
Director of Law Communications

Physical Education and Athletics

Janine M. Hathorn, M.A.—(1987)-2007
Head of the Department and Michael F. Walsh Director of Athletics

Elizabeth Igo LeRose, M.Ed.—(2014)-2014
Associate Athletics Director

Neil Cunningham, M.S.—(2000)-2007
Assistant Athletics Director and Director of Physical Education

Bryan Lee Snyder, B.S.—(2000)-2007
Assistant Athletics Director for Finance

Admissions and Financial Aid

Sally Stone Richmond, M.Ed.—(2015)-2015
Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid

Elizabeth P. Knapp, Ph.D.—(1997)-2016
Director of the Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity

Leonard L. Satterwhite, M. A. T.—(2015)-2015
Senior Associate Dean of AdmissionsJonathan A. Webster, M. Ed.—(2002)-2002
Associate Dean of Admissions

Grace A. Loughhead, B. A.—(2015)-2015
Associate Director of Admissions

Nicole More, M.Ed.—(2017)-2017
Associate Director, International Admissions

Julia Littlefield, M.Ed.—(2017)-2021
Associate Director of Admissions

Adam J. Gross, B.S.—(2017)-2017
Admissions Information Systems Manager

Financial Aid

James D. Kaster, B.S.—(2000)-2010
Director of Financial Aid

Jennifer Davis, M.Ed.—(2010)-2010
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Edward Drake Breeden, B.S.—(2013)-2020
Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Communications and Public Affairs

Jessica L. Willett, B.A.—(2002)-2021
Vice President of Communications and Strategic Initiatives and Secretary of the University

Drewry A. Sackett, B.A.—(2016)-2021
Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Brian L. Laubscher, B.S.—(1998)-2019
Director of Athletics Communication

Institutional History

Lynn Rainville, Ph.D.—(2019)-2019
Director of Institutional History

Ron Fuchs II, M.A.—(2008)-2008
Curator of the Reeves Collection and Manager of the Reeves Center

Patricia A. Hobbs, M.A.—(1998)-2008
Associate Director, Curator of Art and History, University Collections

Financial and Administrative Operations

Steven G. McAllister, M.B.A.—(1993)-2008
Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

Jodi Lynn Williams, M.B.A—(2002)-2018
Executive Director for Budgets and Compensation

Celia A. Kovac, B.S.—(2019)-2019

Sue V. Bryant—(1982)-2008
Operations Supervisor, Business Office

Cathy A. R. Coleman, B.S.—(2003)-2019
Assistant Controller, Grants and Endowment

Joan Swisher, B.S.—(2001)-2019
Assistant Controller, Financial Systems and Tax

Thomas L. (Les) Gearhart, B.S.—(2007)-2019
Assistant Controller, Payroll and Accounts Receivable

Lori Oliver—(2004)-2018
Assistant Director for Programs and Risk Management

Mary S. Nicely, B.S.—(2008)-2018
Senior Accountant

Irma Bailey, M.S.—(2019)-2019
Senior Accountant

Genevieve (Jane) Stewart, B.A., SCPD-CP—(2004)-2011
Energy Specialist

Auxiliary Services

Kenneth Charles (K.C.) Schaefer, B.A.—(2004)-2017
Executive Director, Auxiliary Services

Meg Beebe, B.F.A.—(2011)-2017
Marketing Manager, Auxiliary Services

April L. Washburn, B.S.—(2005)-2018
Associate Director, University Store

Lewis Coffey—(2010)-2017
Operations Manager, University Store

Nancy Trumps, B.A.—(2018)-2018
Book Manager, University Store

Christopher G. Adkins, B.B.A.—(2000)-2005
Supervisor, Mail Services

Michael E. Rhodes, B.A.—(2012)-2015
Manager, Copying Services

Dining Services

Ryan M. Miller, B.S.—(2018)-2021
Director of Dining Services

Derrick Smith—(2004)-2017
Assistant Director of Dining Services, Catering

Greg E. Gearheart, M.B.A—(2018)-2018          
Assistant Director for Business Operations

Alvin Wheeler, B.S.—(2015)-2021
Assistant Director of Operations

Christopher M. Vozzo—(2008)-2015
Executive Chef

Human Resources

Mary Main, M.P.A.—(2016)-2016
Executive Director of Human Resources

Kimberly S. Austin, B.S., PHR, SHRM-CP—(1996)-2016
Associate Director for Operations

Cheryl F. Wright, M.P.S.,SPHR—(2006)-2016
Associate Director for Workforce Development

Information Technology Services (ITS)

David W. Saacke, B.S.—(2007)-2011
Chief Technology Officer

Kerri Lynn Chapman, M.Ed.—(2016)-2016
Director, Enterprise Systems and Integration Services

Mark Keeley, M.B.A.—(2011)-2011
Director, ITS Projects and Support

Julie M. Knudson, M.A.—(2001)-2014
Director, Academic Technologies

Jeffrey L. McCreery, B.A.—(2008)-2008
Director, Core Services

Dean E. Tallman, B.A.—(1999)-2016
Chief Information Security Officer

Matthew Fitzgerald, B.S.—(2017)-2017
Director, Network and Telecommunications

John C. Watkins, B.S.—(2001)-2014
Director, Client Services

University Facilities

Thomas M. Kalasky, B.S.—(2005)-2019
Executive Director of University Facilities

Deborah H. Weinerth—(1988)-2016
Director of Facilities Services

Carole A. Bailey, B.S.—(1996)-2019
Director of Capital Projects

Colin B. (Brendan) Perry, B.S.—(2018)-2018
Engineer and Director of MEP Services

L. Paul Burns, M.Div.—(2001)-2011 (deceased, September 19, 2021)
Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Karen E. Paulk, B.S.—(2012)-2012
Director of Business Operations

General Counsel

Maria A. Feeley, J.D.—(2021)-2021
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Jana Carissa Shearer, J.D.—(2013)-2017
Associate General Counsel

Strategic Affairs and Institutional Research

R. Bryan Price, M.Ed.—(2012)-2019
Executive Director of Strategic Analysis and Institutional Research

Student Affairs

Sidney S. Evans, J.D.—(2000)-2011
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

David M. Leonard, M.S.—(2003)-2011
Dean of Student Life

Tamara Y. Futrell, M.S.—(2003)-2018
Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Engagement

Jason L. Rodocker, M.Ed., J.D.—(2005)-2014
Associate Dean of Students and Dean of First-Year Experience

Kyle McCoil, M.A.—(2021)-2021
Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Sophomores

Megan T. Hobbs, M.Ed.—(2012)-2017
Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Juniors

Ronda M. Bryant, Ph.D.—(2021)-2021
Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Seniors

James Dick, M.A.—(2004)-2017
Director of Outdoor Education and Recreation

Kelsey Goodwin, M.A.—(2010)-2016
Director of Student Activities

Kimberly S. Hodge, Ph.D.—(2013)-2014
Director of Sustainability Initiatives and Education

Janis G. Kaufman, M.S., M.P.H.—(1991)-2002
Director of Health Promotion 

Lauren E. Kozak, J.D.—(2010)-2017
Title IX Coordinator and Director of Disability Resources

Christopher B. Reid, M.P.A.—(2019)-2019
Director of Residence Life

Margaret B. Shapiro Haskett, B.A.—(2017)-2017
Director of Jewish Life

Margaret McClintock, B.A.—(2019)-2019
Associate Director of Intramurals and Adventure Program

Leah A. B. Beard, M.Ed.—(2019)-2021
Director of Leadership Development and Student Engagement

Career and Professional Development (Undergraduate)

John A. Jensen III, B.A.—(2011)-2017
Dean of Career and Professional Development

Lorriann Olán, J.D.—(2007)-2021
Senior Associate Director, Career and Professional Development

Lauren Vance, B.A.—(2020)-2020
Associate Director, Advising and Recruitment

Molly M. Steele, M.S.—(2016)-2017
Director of Advising

Kelley Z. Melvin, B.S.—(2017)-2017
Director of Communications

Brooke Peccie, B.S.—(2019)-2019
Assistant Director, Career and Professional Development 

Health and Counseling Services

Jane T. Horton, M.D.—(1987)-1996
Director of Health and Counseling Services and University Physician

Jeffrey G. Rutter, Psy.D.—(2021)-2021
Director of Counseling and University Counselor

Janet Boller, Psy.D.—(2010)-2019
Clinical Psychologist

Matthew T. Crance, M.A., PA-C—(2012)-2012
Physician’s Assistant

E. Kirk Luder, M.D.—(2004)-2016
University Psychiatrist

Leslie Anne Robinson, M.S.W.—(2016)-2016
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rallie G. Snowden, M.S.W.—(2014)-2014
University Counselor and LGBTQ Coordinator 

Public Safety

Ethan R. Kipnes, B.S.—(2013)-2013
Director of Public Safety

Charles G. (Chuck) Hubbard—(2018)-2018
Assistant Director of Public Safety

University Advancement

Thomas W. Jennings Jr., Ph.D.—(2020)-2020
Vice President for University Advancement

Advancement Operations

Cassie Ritter Hunt, B.A.—(2015)-2019
Executive Director of Advancement Operations

Theresa M. (Tia) Byrd - (2006)-2019
Assistant Director for Research and Analytics

David Toomey - (2019)-2019
Associate Director for Gift Administration

Alumni Engagement

Waller T. (Beau) Dudley, J.D.—(2006)-2006
Executive Director of Alumni Engagement

Robert P. (Rob) Fure, Ph.D. — (1977)-2018
Director of Lifelong Learning

Thomas D. (Tom) Lovell, B.S.—(2000)-2006
Senior Associate Director of Alumni Engagement


Susan Wood Cunningham, M.S.—(2001)-2021
Executive Director of University Development

Ronni M. Gardner, B.S.—(2005)-2018
Director of Parent Giving

Jamesine M. (Jamie) Killorin, Ph.D. - (2019)-2019
Director of Gift Planning

Jocelyn Lewis, M.S.W.—(2021)-2021
Director of Leadership Giving

Wendy Lovell, B.A.—(2009)-2021
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Heather A. Meixler, M.L.S.—(2021)-2021
Director of Donor Relations

Erin Stringer, B.A.—(2019)-2019
Director of Reunion Giving

Melissa (Missy) Gentry Witherow, A.B.—(2015)-2015
Director of Annual Giving

Law School Advancement

Elizabeth Outland Branner, M.B.A. —(1999)-2015
Assistant Dean for Law School Advancement

Special Events

Mary H. Webster, B.A.—(2013)-2021
Director of Special Events

Administrative Emeriti

Farris P. Hotchkiss, B.A.—(1966)-2002
Secretary of the University and Senior Assistant to the President, Emeritus

June R. Aprille, Ph.D.—(2007)-2011
Provost, Emerita

Kenneth Patrick Ruscio, Ph.D.—(2006)-2017
President, Emeritus