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Washington and Lee University    
  Nov 20, 2017
2017-2018 University Catalog

Global Learning (GL)

Global learning is an important part of our mission as a university. By global, we mean of or related to substantial interactions across national borders or substantial comparisons between different nations. Global learning is the acquisition of the skills and knowledge needed to understand those interactions or comparisons. Many departments and programs offer special opportunities for students to develop and explore their interests in this area. In addition, the faculty have developed a set of outcomes to distinguish courses in every discipline that meet global learning objectives.

For an approved GL designation, courses must meet at least one of the following four student learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how global issues, processes, trends, and systems have shaped the subject under study
  • Demonstrate the ability to use globally diverse cultural frames of reference and alternate perspectives to think critically, solve problems, or interpret issues and situations as they relate to the course topic
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how the field of study is viewed and practiced in different cultural contexts
  • Demonstrate improved language competency where global learning is done abroad in a foreign language, not English.

Approved courses with permanent designation:

ARTH 102 - Survey of Western Art: Renaissance to the Present  
ARTH 140 - Asian Art  
ARTH 170 - Arts of Mesoamerica and the Andes  
ARTH 257 - Dutch Arts, Patrons, and Markets  
ARTH 258 - Baroque and Rococo Art  
ARTH 271 - Arts of Colonial Latin America  
ARTH 273 - Arts of Modern Latin America  
ARTH 276 - Chicana/o Art and Muralism: From the Street to the (Staniar) Gallery  
ARTH 357 - Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi  
ARTH 376 - Visual Culture in the Hispanic World, c. 1500-1700  
BUS 180 - FS: First-Year Seminar  
BUS 335 - Ethics of Globalization  
BUS 337 - Economic Globalization and Multinational Corporations  
BUS 391 - Corporate Social Responsibility Practicum 
ECON 241 - Economics of War and Peace  
ECON 244 - The Auto Industry: Economics, Society, Culture  
ECON 255 - Environmental and Natural Resource Economics   
ECON 270 - International Trade  
ECON 274 - China's Modern Economy  
ECON 276 - Health Economics in Developing Countries  
ECON 280 - Development Economics  
ECON 281 - Comparative Institutional Economics  
ECON 288 - Supervised Study Abroad  
ECON 376 - Health: A Social Science Exploration  
GERM 311 - Advanced German  
HIST 103: China: Origins to 20th-Century Reforms  
HIST 130 - Latin America: Mayas to Independence  
HIST 131 - Modern Latin America: Túpak Katari to Tupac Shakur  
HIST 236 - Afro-Latin America  
LACS 101 - Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies  
LACS 256 - Trans-American Identity: Images from the Americas  
LACS 257 - Multiculturalism in Latin America: The Case of Brazil  
LACS 396 - Capstone Seminar in Latin American and Caribbean Studies 
MUS 121: Worlds of Music  
PHIL 110 - Ancient Greek Philosophy  
PHIL 120 - Modern European Philosophy: Descartes to Hume  
PHIL 248 - Ethics of War  
PHIL 272 - Philosophy and Science Fiction  
PHIL 335 - Ethics of Globalization  
PHIL 346 - Medical Ethics  
POL 105 - Introduction to Global Politics  
POL 214 - The Conduct of American Foreign Policy  
POL 215 - International Development  
POL 246: Post-Communism and New Democracies  
POL 268 - Migration, Identity, and Conflict  
POL 296 - Special Topics in Global Politics  
POL 380 - Global Politics Seminar  
POL 384 - Seminar on Middle Eastern Politics  
SOAN 240 - Food, Culture, and Society  
SOAN 246: Post-Communism and New Democracies  
SOAN 268 - Migration, Identity, and Conflict  
SPAN 161 - Intermediate Spanish I  
SPAN 162 - Intermediate Spanish II  
SPAN 164 - Advanced Intermediate Spanish  
SPAN 204 - Conversational Skills  
SPAN 205 - Spanish for Healthcare Professionals  
SPAN 209 - Intro to Hispanic Linguistics  
SPAN 211 - Spanish Civilization and Culture  
SPAN 212 - Spanish-American Civilization and Culture  
SPAN 216 - Living on the Edge: Identities in Motion in Argentina and Uruguay  
SPAN 220 - Introducción a la literatura española  
SPAN 240 - Introducción a la literatura hispanoamericana  
SPAN 308 - Power and Ideology: (Critical) Discourse Perspectives  
SPAN 312 - Medieval Spanish Cultures in Context  
SPAN 333 - El Cid in History and Legend  
SPAN 340 - Spanish-American Short Story  
SPAN 342 - Spanish-American Narrative: The Boom Generation  
SPAN 343 - Spanish-American Colonial Literature  
SPAN 344 - Spanish-American Poetry  
SPAN 347 - Poetry and Power  
SPAN 393 - Workshop in Literary Translation  

Approved topical courses when designated as appropriate on a term-by-term basis:

LIT 295 - Special Topics in Literature in Translation  
SPAN 392 - Spanish Language Theory and Practice  
SPAN 397 - Peninsular Seminar  
SPAN 398 - Spanish-American Seminar