2012-2013 University Catalog 
    Apr 13, 2024  
2012-2013 University Catalog archived

Romance Languages major, with a French emphasis, leading to a BA degree

A major in Romance languages, with a French emphasis, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree consists of at least 33 credits as follows:

  1. FREN 261, 273, and 397
  2. One course in civilization: FREN 280, 281, or 282
  3. One additional French course numbered 200 or above
  4. Four additional French courses numbered 300 or above
  5. Completion of the intermediate level or its equivalent in Spanish (SPAN 162, 164 or 172) and one of the following three pairings:

SPAN 220 and 240
SPAN 211 and 240
SPAN 212 and 220

Romance Languages majors (French emphasis) may count one 200-level Romance Language literature course taught in English by Romance Languages faculty toward the requirements of the French portion of the major.