2017-2018 University Catalog 
    Feb 27, 2024  
2017-2018 University Catalog archived

Mass Communications minor

A minor in mass communications requires at least six regular three- or four-credit JOUR courses. Minors will also be asked to write a short paper and attend a group assessment conversation during winter term of their senior year. This is not a minor in journalism. It offers liberal-arts breadth in mass media as a discipline and thorough exposure to the practice or craft but not professional preparation for a career. A student may not complete both a major and a minor in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications. In meeting the requirements of this discipline-based minor, a student may not use more than nine credits that are also used to meet the requirements of another major or minor.

1. JOUR 101
2. Professional Values: One course chosen from JOUR 240, 242, 301, 344, and 345
3. Media Theory/History: One course chosen from JOUR 221, 231, 296, 318, 319, 325, 332, and 338
4. Media Practice: One course chosen from JOUR 201, 220, 227, 273, 280, 341, 351, 357, 365, 371, 372, and 395
5. Two additional courses in journalism and mass communications
6. Short paper and group assessment