2023-2024 University Catalog (Under Review) 
    May 29, 2023  
2023-2024 University Catalog (Under Review)

Digital Culture and Information

The Digital Culture and Information (DCI) minor encourages students to deeply explore how the digital age impacts knowledge and society. Students will discover how software transforms information into valuable resources as well as the dangerous potential of algorithmically biased tools. Through courses that integrate theory with hands-on practice, students will develop creative projects that demonstrate their emerging expertise in digital media. The program is designed to teach students concepts and methods that will enhance their academic success within any major or career path. Students participating in the program will gain significant experience with technological platforms, complex information resources, and visual design. The course of study nurtures critical reflection on the underlying structure of information and not merely technical proficiency. A minor in Digital Culture and Information provides the foundation for a career in any field and for life as an informed citizen in a digital society.

Minor Coordinator: Mackenzie Brooks

Core Faculty

Mary Abdoney, M.S.—(2006)-2012
Associate Professor and Science Librarian
M.A., University of South Florida 

Jeffrey Scott Barry, M.S.L.S.—(2013)-2013
Associate Professor and Associate University Librarian
M.S.L.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Mackenzie Brooks, M.L.I.S—(2013)-2019
Associate Professor and Digital Humanities Librarian
M.L.I.S., Dominican University

Sarah Horowitz, Ph.D.—(2008)-2014
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Paula S. Kiser, M.S.I.S.—(2018)-2018
Assistant Professor and Digital Scholarship Librarian
M.S.I.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Stephen P. McCormick, Ph.D.—(2014)-2018
Associate Professor of French
Ph.D., University of Oregon

Elizabeth Anne Teaff, M.L.I.S.—(2010)-2016
Associate Professor and Head of Access Services, Leyburn Library
M.L.I.S., University of South Carolina