2013-2014 University Catalog 
    Feb 21, 2024  
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HIST 229 - Topics in European History

Credits: 3 credit in fall or winter; 4 in spring)
A course offered from time to time depending on student interest and staff availability, on a selected topic or problem in European history. May be repeated for degree credit if the topics are different.

Winter 2014 Topic:

HIST-229-01: 19th-Century Scandal, Crime and Spectacle (3). This course examines the fascination with scandal and crime in 19th-century Europe. We discuss the nature of scandals, theories of criminality in the 19th century, crime and urbanization, the connection between scandals and political change, and how scandals and ideas about crime were used to articulate new ideas about class, gender and sexuality. Some of the particular topics this class covers include the Diamond Necklace Affair, the Queen Caroline Affair, the trial of Oscar Wilde, and the Jack the Ripper murders. (HU) Horowitz.

History 229-02: Nazism and the Third Reich (3). No prerequisite. This course introduces students to the lively debates among scholars and selected primary sources regarding the causes of the failure of democracy in the Weimar Republic, the mentality of Nazi leaders and followers, the nature of the regime created by them in 1933, the impact of the Third Reich on the position of women in German society, and the degree to which the German people supported the Third Reich’s criminal policies of war and racial persecution. (HU) Patch

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