2013-2014 University Catalog 
    Apr 20, 2024  
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ARTS 297 - Special Topics in Studio Art

Credits: 1 or 3
Planned Offering: Fall or Winter

Prerequisite: ARTS 111 or instructor consent. In various years the topics and media change, given the interest of the faculty and presence of visiting artists. May be repeated when topics are different. Lab fee required.

Winter 2014 Topic:

ARTS 297: Art, Culture, and Mixed Media (3). This is an interdisciplinary course combining making art with the study of the Italian culture and language in preparation for the spring-term course abroad. The more you learn about Italian art and culture before leaving for spring term abroad, the more you will benefit from your overseas experience. While this is clearly not an art history or language course, you become familiar with many important works of art that you will see first-hand in Italy, and you study/practice the Italian language, providing you with some basic language skills to aid you in your understanding and communications abroad. In the studio, this course is a hybrid of drawing and painting with a focus on color. One of the goals of the course is to strengthen your observational skills while simultaneously learning about the fundamental properties of pastel and acrylic, both individually and through mixed media approaches. You work from life as well as non-objectively, using pastel and acrylic to help you explore a wide range of expression. The final third of the course is devoted to creating a series that steer your work in Italy. (HA) Olson-Janjic. Winter 2014

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