2013-2014 University Catalog 
    Apr 20, 2024  
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ARTS 292 - Special Topics in Photography

Credits: 3 in fall, winter; 4 in spring
Prerequisite: ARTS 120, 221, 223, or instructor consent. Advanced study in photography, with an emphasis on a specialized topic within the medium. Lab fee required.

Spring 2014 topic:

ARTS 292: Special Topic in Photography: Advanced Alternative Processes (4). Prerequisite: ARTS 221. For students with experience in antique photographic processes and who wish to explore advanced work in alternative and historical alternative processes. Students participate in lectures, demonstrations, and visiting-artist sessions for all processes, including both the traditional and new cyanotype formulas, Van Dyke brown print, kallitype, and palladium printing, as well as wet-plate collodion techniques like ambrotypes and tintypes. In addition to examples of each process, students select a process to explore further outside of class, and complete a portfolio of advanced prints in this process. (HA) Bowden. Spring 2014

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