2012-2013 University Catalog 
    May 21, 2024  
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THTR 397 - Seminar in Theater Topics

Credits: 3
Planned Offering: Fall, Winter

Prerequisite: Six credits in theater or dance courses and instructor consent. A seminar in theater history, literature/ criticism or production with a specific topic and scope to be announced prior to registration. Work in the seminar is based on research, discussion and assigned papers and/or projects. Lab fee required for certain topics. May be repeated for degree credit if the topics are different.

Winter 2013 topics:

THTR 397-01: Scene Painting (4). Prerequisite: Six credits in theater or dance courses and instructor consent. A Studio course introducing the practical application of processes, materials, and techniques used in painting theatrical scenery. Students study prepping the surfaces, color mixing, drawing, perspective, as well as various painting techniques used in the theater. (HA). Collins.

THTR 397-02: Stage Makeup (4). Prerequisite: Six credits in theater or dance courses. Studio Course focuses on communicating character to an audience through makeup application. Students will learn basics of stage makeup, including aging techniques, character analysis, corrective makeup, crepe hair, and beginning special effects. (HA) Linton.

Fall 2012 topics:

THTR 397A: Shakespeare and Swordplay (3). Prerequisite: Instructor consent. A physically rigorous studio course introducing the acting, movement, and vocal skills required to perform a Shakespearean sword fight on stage. Laboratory fee. Martinez.

THTR 397B: Introduction to Sound for the Theater (3). A studio course covering the basics of sound system design, in particular, microphone and loud speaker use and placement. Students learn to create sound effects and simple music beds using both traditional and modern techniques. Students explore mixing techniques and use of effects in live sound in both straight and musical situations. Topics covered can also be used in concert sound reinforcement or television production. Collins.

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