2012-2013 University Catalog 
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MUS 195 - Topics in Sound Technology

Credits: 1
Planned Offering: Fall

Prerequisite: instructor consent. An exploration of a specific topic in which students investigate the tools and techniques of modern sound technology. Audiovisual resources and required field trips may be used to enhance the course material. The class has an emphasis on hands-on learning with the latest recording hardware and software. May be repeated for degree credit if the topics are different.

Spring 2013 topic:

MUS 195-01: Topics in Sound Technology: Pro Tools (1). In this course, students learn the basic principles of the Pro Tools digital audio workstation, completing a project from initial setup to mixdown. Real-world examples and frequent hands-on assignments teach how to record live instruments, MIDI sequencing, software synths, audio for video and looping. At the conclusion of the class, students are able to record, edit and mix on a basic level and have the opportunity to take the Digidesign Pro Tools 101 Certification Exam. Spice.

Winter 2013 topic:

MUS 195: Topics in Sound Technology: Introduction to Music Software (1). Through lectures, video tutorials, weekly assignments and three projects, students gain proficiency in and a working knowledge of the music software applications supported by the Music Department. These five software applications are divided into two categories: music notation (Finale and Sibelius) and Digital Audio Workstations (ProTools, REAPER and Ableton Live). Spice.

Fall 2012 topic:

MUS 195-01: Topics in Sound Technology: Sound Recording (1) - This one-credit class covers the basic techniques used in modern sound recording. Students study microphone design, microphone choice and placement for specific instruments as well as efficient studio session practices. Spice.

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