2012-2013 University Catalog 
    Aug 14, 2020  
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ENGL 203 - Topics in Creative Writing: Fiction

Credits: 3 credits in Fall or Winter; 4 credits in Spring
Planned Offering: Fall, Winter, Spring

Prerequisites: Completion of FW requirement. Limited enrollment. A course in the practice of writing short fiction, involving workshops, literary study, and critical writing.

Spring 2013 topic:

ENGL 203: Topics in Creative Writing: Short Fiction. (4). We examine and discuss a wide range of fictional styles and techniques, with readings drawn from among both classic and contemporary examples of the genre. The purpose of the readings is to increase students' appreciation of the creative possibilities short fiction offers the writer, with a view toward broadening their approach to their own work. Each student writes three stories (20-40 pages in total), and these creative efforts provide our workshop's primary focus, with each student story being extensively reviewed and commented on by the class as a whole, as well as by the professor in conference. (HA) B. Oliver. Spring 2013

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