2010-2011 University Catalog 
    Dec 07, 2022  
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FREN 343 - La France à travers les siècles

Credits: 3
Planned Offering: Winter

Prerequisites: FREN 273 or equivalent and permission of the instructor.Readings in French literature and civilization from across the centuries. Recent offerings: Les femmes et la comédie; L’orientalisme français; L’écriture de femmes. May be repeated for degree credit with permission and if the topic is different.

Topic for Fall 2010:

FREN 343: Esthétique du récit court. (3). Prerequisite: French 273 or equivalent and permission of the instructor. A close study of selected tales and short stories written by some of the better-known French authors (Marie de France, Perrault, Balzac, Maupassant, Vian, Le Clézio, Tournier, Yourcenar, Gracq…), this course explores the techniques of the short narrative and its relation to the cultural and historical context. (HL) Frégnac-Clave.


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