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    Aug 14, 2020  
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THTR 341 - Acting 3: Styles

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: THTR 141 or ENGL 252, or instructor consent. An advanced acting class focused on performing the work of a particular playwright or playwrights. In this course, students enhance their scene work by examining the theatrical and historical context in which the plays were written, thereby achieving a deeper understanding of a performance style other than contemporary realism. Topics change regularly. May be repeated twice for degree credit if the topics are different. 

Winter 2020, THTR 341-01: Acting 3: Styles: Shakespeare (3). Prerequisite: THTR 141 or ENGL 252 or instructor consent. Through performance of monologues and small group scenes students learn by doing how we believe actors in Shakespeare's time would have performed his work, and how his writing informed the way actors performed. Students then use this knowledge to devise their own "mash-ups" that incorporate and/or build on Shakespeare's texts. Emphasis is placed on textual and metrical analysis, comprehension of rhetoric, clear physical and verbal storytelling, and engagement of the audience. Evans.

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