2018-2019 School of Law Catalog 
    Aug 19, 2022  
2018-2019 School of Law Catalog archived

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LAW 314P - International Competition Law Practicum.

This practicum will teach students how to represent clients that navigate intercontinental economies and their respective multinational rules for competitive behavior.  The course will focus on three practical exercises: (1) an international merger investigation; (2) an international cartel investigation; and (3) an international “dominance” or “monopoly” investigation.

Students will represent multinationals in mock proceedings before competition authorities in Asia, the Americas and Europe.  During these exercises, students will prepare formal advice to their client Boards of Directors, prepare written and oral submissions to the prosecutorial bodies and tribunals with jurisdiction, and devise optimal legal strategies to help their clients navigate the treacherous and high stakes world of international competition law.

Classroom work will focus on the broad policy strokes painting competition law regimes in the European Union, United States, China, Japan and Korea.  To understand these legal schemes, students will study their varied purposes, from social welfare based standards in the European Union, winner take all incentives in the United States, and industrial control standards in China and other nationalist economies. Three hours. Cohen

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