2017-2018 University Catalog 
    May 25, 2024  
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JOUR 180 - FS: First-Year Seminar

Credits: 3

First-year seminar. Prerequisite: First-Year standing. Topic varies.

Fall 2017, JOUR 180-01: FS: How We See the Poor: The Media’s Lens on Poverty (3). First-Year Seminar. Prerequisite: First-year class standing only. This seminar is about how we see poverty. What images come to mind? What judgments arise from such depictions? How does the media’s views influence how we think about it? We study portrayals of poverty, class, and material inequality. Most of the coursework focuses on the United States. Depictions of poverty appear in print/broadcast journalism, nonfiction books, documentary film, and movies. By including some social science literature, we deepen our understanding of the conceptual frames through which poverty has been understood and explained. We also study how the news media captures the poor. (HU) Colón.

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