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    Jul 23, 2024  
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FREN 280 - Civilisation et culture francophones

Credits: 3

Prerequisites: FREN 162, FREN 164, or equivalent. A study of significant aspects of culture and civilization in francophone countries. Topics may include: contemporary Africa, pre-colonial Africa, West Indian history and culture, and Canadian contemporary issues. Readings, discussion and papers in French further development of communication skills.

Fall 2017, FREN 280-01: Civilisation et culture d’Afrique francophone (3). Prerequisites: FREN 261 or equivalent and instructor consent. This course is an introduction to modern African society and culture, with specific focus on Francophone West Africa (Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, and Mali, among others). We examine the various ways societies deal with issues of modernization and globalization in their political, cultural and socio-economic lives. We also look at the impact of significant historical events (the transatlantic slave trade, colonization, the world wars, and globalization, for example) on the African continent and its inhabitants. Course materials include anthropological, sociological, and historical documents, literary texts, and films. (HU) Kamara.

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