2015-2016 University Catalog 
    May 26, 2024  
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LIT 223 - Seminar in Japanese Literature in Translation

Credits: 3

Prerequisite: Completion of FW FDR requirement or instructor consent. Selected topics in Japanese literature, varying from year to year. Possible topics include the development of poetic forms, Heian court literature and art, diaries, epics, Buddhist literature, the culture of food and tea, and Noh drama.

Fall 2015, LIT 223-01: Seminar in Japanese Lit in Trans: Food and Tea in Japan (3). No prerequisite. Corequisite: LIT 223L.  This seminar explores the distinct theme of food and tea in Japanese culture and literature. We examine three broad categories throughout the term; kaiseki, bento, and common fare. In addition to three hours of lecture, this unique course requires a “cultural lab” where students master the rudimentary procedure of the tea ceremony in the Japanese tea room in Watson Pavilion. (HL) Ikeda. Planned Offering: Fall

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