2015-2016 University Catalog 
    May 23, 2022  
2015-2016 University Catalog archived

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JOUR 180 - FS: First-Year Seminar

Credits: 3

First-year seminar. Prerequisite: First-Year standing. Fall 2015 topic:

JOUR 180: FS: The News About the News: Does Journalism Need Saving? (3). First-Year Seminar. Prerequisite: First-year class standing. We’re living in the most chaotic period in modern journalism history. It’ s a time of failure and fear, full of laid-off journalists and shuttered startups. But it’s also a time of innovation and explosive growth, when brilliant ideas for new forms of news can go from seed to fruition in a matter of months. Everyone in the news business is asking the same pressing questions: Can journalism survive this frenzy intact? What will it look like? We dive deep into these questions in this course and take a close look at how the news industry got to this point, what the landscape looks like right now, and where things might be headed. Students leave this course with a keener sense of how the news they consume and interact with is produced, why that matters, and what role they can play in making it better. (SS5) Coddington. Planned Offering: Offered occasionally. Each first-year seminar topic is approved by the Dean of The College and the Committee on Courses and Degrees. Applicability to FDRs and other requirements varies.

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