2012-2013 University Catalog 
    May 24, 2024  
2012-2013 University Catalog archived

Physical Education (PE)

Professor Hathorn
Associate Professors Colliton, Cunningham, Detwiler, Franke, Gardner, K. Hoey, N. Hoey, Hutchinson, McCabe, Orrison, Piranian, Schall, Snyder, Stickley, Tucker, Williamson
Assistant Professors Abell, Clancy, Diamond, Gyscek, Levine, Ness, O’Brien, Reistrup, Shearer, St. Laurent, Uhl


Degree requirements include the successful completion of four physical education activity courses, Physical Education (PE) 101 through 215.  Students may not repeat a course they have already passed, with the exception of PE 200 through 215, which may be elected no more than two times for credit. Students may not take corresponding 100- or 200-level courses for more than two terms. A 100-level course must be taken prior to the corresponding 200-level course. Credits taken in excess of these limits will be treated as repeats of the earliest unrepeated credit of this kind.

In addition to the degree requirements, a swimming proficiency test is required. No student is exempt from the proficiency test unless he or she receives a medical excuse from the University physician. A student who fails to pass the proficiency test will be placed in Fundamental Swimming (PE 101 ). PE 101  will satisfy one of the activity courses required for a degree.

First-year students are given the opportunity to elect whether the grade for the one credit which they will receive in physical education will be recorded as a letter grade or as a Pass/Fail grade. This election must be accomplished during the fall term prior to midterm. The decision is binding and no subsequent change is permitted.

The Head Athletic Trainer, in collaboration with the University physician, will review medical histories and determine whether a student is capable of participating in regular courses or should be placed in PE 102 , (Therapeutic Exercise).

It is highly recommended that students complete their PE requirement by the end of Junior year.

Skills Courses: PE 101-195

Intercollegiate Courses: PE 200-225

Lecture Courses: PE 301-325