2024-2025 University Catalog [UNDER REVIEW] 
    Apr 18, 2024  
2024-2025 University Catalog [UNDER REVIEW]

Administrative Officers


Organization Chart 2024-25  


Supervisory and selected other staff with earliest calendar year of most recent employment and year of most recent title (in parentheses), reflecting employment for the 2024-25 academic year.

Corporate Officers

William C. Dudley, Ph.D. (2017, 2017)
President of the University

Steven G. McAllister, M.B.A. (1993, 2008)
Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

Jessica L. Willett, B.A. (2002, 2021/2022)
Vice President for Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Secretary of the University

Office of the President

William C. Dudley, Ph.D. (2017, 2017)
President of the University

Jessica L. Willett, B.A. (2002, 2021/2022)
Vice President for Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Secretary of the University

Cassie R. Hunt, M.A. (2015, 2021)
Executive Director of Strategic Analysis

Provost and Academic Administration

Lena M. Hill, Ph.D. (2018, 2021)

Paul Alan Youngman, Ph.D. (2012, 2018)
Associate Provost for Academic Development and Operations

Leslie Wingard Cunningham, Ph.D. (2022, 2022)
Associate Provost for Faculty Development

R. Bryan Price, M.Ed. (2012, 2022)
Assistant Provost of Accreditation and Institutional Research

Chawne M. Kimber, Ph.D. (2021, 2021)
Dean of The College

Frederick J. LaRiviere, Ph.D. (2006, 2019)
Associate Dean of The College

Kevin Beanland, Ph.D. (2013, 2022)
Associate Dean of The College

Genelle C. Gertz, Ph.D. (2003, 2021)
Associate Dean of The College for Strategic Initiatives

Robert D. Straughan, Ph.D. (2000, 2015)
Crawford Family Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

Elizabeth Goad Oliver, Ph.D. (1991, 2018)
Associate Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

K.T. Vaughan, Ed.D. (2020, 2020)
Hal F. and Barbra Buckner Higginbotham University Librarian and Professor

TBD (2024, 2024)
University Registrar

TBD (2024, 2024)
Associate University Registrar

Mark E. Rush, Ph.D. (1990, 2015)
Director of International Education

Hunter R. Swanson, M.S. (2017, 2017)
Associate Director of International Education

Cindy Irby, M.D. (2016, 2023)
Associate Director of International Education

J.T. Torres, Ph.D. (2024, 2024)
Director, The Houston H. Harte Center for Teaching and Learning

Paige Gance (2024, 2024)
Associate Director of Assessment

Matthew P. Loar, Ph.D. (2019, 2019)
Director of Fellowships

Robert W. H. Mish III, M.A. (1990, 2005)
Director, Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts

Paul Richard Kuettner, D.M.L. (1989, 1989
Director, Global Research Laboratory

Sascha L.  Goluboff, Ph.D. (1999, 2020)
Director, Community-Based Learning

Karla Murdock, Ph.D. (2005, 2021)
Director, The Roger Mudd Center for Ethics

Michael Hill, Ph.D. (2018, 2022)
Director, DeLaney Center

Isra El-Beshir, M.A. (2020, 2023)
Director of Art Museum and Galleries

Director of Institutional History Museum


School of Law

Melanie D. Wilson, J.D. (2022, 2022)
Dean, School of Law

Michelle Lyon Drumbl, J.D., LL.M, (2004, 2023)
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Law

Maria Saez Tatman, J.D., M.S.W., (2023, 2023)
Associate Dean of Law Student Affairs, Community and Belonging

Elizabeth Outland Branner, M.B.A. (1999, 2012)
Assistant Dean for Law School Advancement

Michelle Cosby, J.D., M.L.S. (2022, 2022)
Assistant Dean of Legal Information Services and Professor of Practice

Tim Vest, M.B.A. (2022, 2022)
Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration

Clifford R. Jarrett, J.D. (2014, 2014)
Assistant Dean for Career Strategy, School of Law

Peter Jetton, M.A. (2000, 2020)
Assistant Dean of Communications and Marketing Strategy

Lisa E. Rodocker, M.A. (2011, 2019)
Assistant Dean of Law Admissions

Brandon Hasbrouck, J.D. (2018, 2023)
Director, Frances Lewis Law Center, School of Law


Physical Education and Athletics

Janine M. Hathorn, M.A. (1987, 2007)
Head of the Department and Michael F. Walsh Director of Athletics

Bethany Dannelly, M.Ed. (2020, 2020)
Associate Director of Athletics

Christine Kerr Clancy, M.S. (2011, 2022)
Assistant Director of Athletics and Director of Physical Education

Bryan Lee Snyder, B.S. (2000, 2007)
Assistant Director of Athletics for Finance

Erin Ness, B.A. (2012, 2022)
Senior Woman Administrator


Admissions and Financial Aid

Sally Stone Richmond, M.Ed. (2015, 2015)
Vice President for Admissions and Financial Aid

Elizabeth P. Knapp, Ph.D. (1997, 2016)
Director of the Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity

Courtney Penn, B.A. (2022, 2022)
Senior Associate Dean of Admissions

Senior Associate Dean of Admissions

Grace A. Loughhead, B. A. (2015, 2022)
Associate Dean of Admissions

Bryant Priester, MSc. (2023, 2023)
Associate Director, International Admissions

Sarah Erickson (2015, 2022)
Associate Director of Admissions

Adam J. Gross, B.S. (2017, 2017)
Admissions Information Systems Manager

Financial Aid

James D. Kaster, B.S. (2000, 2010)
Director of Financial Aid

Jennifer Davis, M.Ed. (2010, 2010)
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Edward Drake Breeden, B.S. (2013, 2020)
Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid


Communications and Public Affairs

Jessica L. Willett, B.A. (2002, 2021)
Vice President of Communications and Strategic Initiatives and Secretary of the University

Drewry A. Sackett, B.A. (2016, 2021)
Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Sydney Anderson, B.S. (2022, 2022)
Director of Athletics Communication


Financial and Administrative Operations

Steven G. McAllister, M.B.A. (1993, 2008)
Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

Irma Bailey, M.S. (2019, 2023)
Associate Treasurer and Controller

Sue V. Bryant (1982, 2008)
Student Financial Services Manager

Cathy A. R. Coleman, B.S. (2003, 2019)
Assistant Controller, Grants and Endowment

Joan Swisher, B.S. (2001, 2019)
Assistant Controller, Financial Systems and Tax

Thomas L. (Les) Gearhart, B.S. (2007, 2019)
Assistant Controller, Payroll and Accounts Payable

Lori Oliver (2004, 2018)
Assistant Director for Programs and Risk Management

Mary S. Nicely, B.S. (2008, 2022)
Accounting and Treasury Manager

Associate Controller

Genevieve (Jane) Stewart, B.A., SCPD-CP (2004, 2022)
Director of Sustainability

Auxiliary Services

Kenneth Charles (K.C.) Schaefer, B.A. (2004, 2017)
Executive Director, Auxiliary Services

April L. Washburn, B.S. (2005, 2023)
Director, University Store

Christopher G. Adkins, B.B.A. (2000, 2005)
Supervisor, Mail Services

Michael E. Rhodes, B.A. (2012, 2015)
Manager, Copying Services

Dining Services

Jim Butler (2023, 2023)
Director of Dining Services

Zachary Funkhouser (2021, 2022)
Assistant Director of Dining Services, Catering

Alvin Wheeler, B.S. (2015, 2021)
Associate Director of Dining Services

Christopher M. Vozzo (2008, 2015)
Executive Chef


Human Resources

Jodi Lynn Williams, M.B.A (2002, 2022)
Executive Director of Human Resources

Kimberly S. Austin, B.S., PHR, SHRM-CP (1996, 2016)
Associate Director of HUman Resources


Information Technology Services (ITS)

David W. Saacke, B.S. (2007, 2019)
Chief Information Officer

Kerri Lynn Chapman, M.Ed. (2016, 2022)
Deputy Chief Information Officer

Mark Keeley, M.B.A. (2011, 2011)
Director, ITS Projects and Support

Julie M. Knudson, M.A. (2001, 2014)
Director, Academic Technologies

Jeffrey L. McCreery, B.A. (2008, 2008)
Director, Infrastructure Services

Dean E. Tallman, B.A. (1999, 2016)
Chief Information Security Officer

Gary Sickler, A.A.S. (2020, 2023)
Director, Network Services

John C. Watkins, B.S. (2001, 2014)
Director, Client Services

University Facilities

Thomas M. Kalasky, B.S. (2005, 2019)
Executive Director of University Facilities

Patrick Bristol, B.S. (2019, 2023)
Director of Operations and Maintenance

Michael W. Jennings (2022, 2022)
Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Drew H. Kepley, M.A. (2024, 2024)
University Architect and Director of Planning, Design, and Construction

Karen E. Paulk, B.S. (2012, 2012)
Director of Business Operations

Colin B. (Brendan) Perry, B.S. (2018, 2018)
University Engineer


General Counsel

Maria A. Feeley, J.D. (2021, 2021)
Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

DaQuana Carter, J.D. (2022, 2022)
Associate General Counsel

Student Affairs

Alex R. Miller, Ed.D. (2024, 2024)
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

David M. Leonard, M.S. (2003, 2011)
Dean of Student Life

Tamara Y. Futrell, M.S. (2003, 2018)
Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Student Engagement

Megan T. Hobbs, M.Ed. (2012, 2023)
Senior Associate Dean of Students and Dean of Juniors and Seniors

Jason L. Rodocker, M.Ed., J.D. (2005, 2014)
Associate Dean of Students and Dean of First-Year Experience

Ronda M. Bryant, Ph.D. (2021, 2021)
Associate Dean of Students

Kyle McCoil, M.A. (2021, 2021)
Assistant Dean of Students and Dean of Sophomores

Kimberly S. Hodge, Ph.D. (2013, 2022)
Assistant Dean of Students

Leah A.B. Beard, M.Ed. (2019, 2021)
Director of Leadership Development and Student Engagement

James Dick, M.A. (2004, 2017)
Director of Outdoor Education and Recreation

Janis G. Kaufman, M.S., M.P.H. (1991, 2002)
Director of Health Promotion 

Lauren E. Kozak, J.D. (2010, 2017)
Title IX Coordinator and Director of Disability Resources

Christopher B. Reid, Ed.D. (2019, 2019)
Director of Residence Life

Laura Ulmer, Ph.D. (2023, 2023)
Director of Student Activities

Ben Schlief, M.S. (2022, 2023)
Associate Director of Recreation

Heidi Bustos, M.S. (2022, 2022)
Assistant Director of Inclusion and Engagement

Hannah L. Phillips, Ed.D. (2021, 2021)
Assistant Director of Residence Life

Jake Reeves, M.A. (2020, 2020)
Assistant Director of Inclusion and Engagement

Katelyn Nicely, B.S. (2024, 2024)
Outdoor Education and Recreation Operations Manager

Health and Counseling Services

Allen Blackwood, MD (2022, 2022)
University Physician and Director of Student Health

Charles Anderson, Ph.D., ABPP (2023, 2023)
Director of Student Counseling

Janet Boller, Psy.D. (2010, 2019)
University Counselor II, Sexual Misconduct Advocate and Prevention Coordinator

Matthew T. Crance, M.A., PA-C (2012, 2012)
Physician’s Assistant

Dawn Wilcox, M.S., FNP-C (2022, 2023)
Nurse Practitioner

David R. Salge, M.Ed. (2021, 2021)
University Counselor

Rallie G. Snowden, M.S.W. (2014, 2014)
University Counselor and Clinical Training Coordinator

Public Safety

Craig V. VanClief, Ph.D. (2023, 2023)
Director of Public Safety

Michelle (Chellie) D. Bergos, A.A.S (2020, 2024)
Assistant Director of Public Safety

Isabella S. Barron, B.A. (2021, 2024)
Lieutenant, Administrative Commander

Schuyler Phillips, B.A. (2021, 2024)
Lieutenant, Operations Commander

Laura W. Campbell, B.A. (2020, 2020)
Public Safety Technology Manager


University Advancement

Thomas W. Jennings Jr., Ph.D. (2020, 2020)
Vice President for University Advancement

Waller T. (Beau) Dudley, J.D. (2006, 2022)
Senior Advisor to the Vice President for University Advancement

Advancement Operations

Sara Jamison, B.A. (2022, 2022)
Executive Director of Advancement Operations

Theresa M. (Tia) Byrd, M.B.A. (2006, 2019)
Associate Director for Research and Analytics

Keith Davis, B.A. (2013, 2022)
Advancement Operations Systems Manager

Katie Somerville, B.A. (2018, 2021)
Associate Director of Advancement Data Strategy

David Toomey, Ph.D. (2019, 2022)
Associate Director for Advancement Operations Reporting

Alumni and Career Services

John Jensen, III, B.A., (2011, 2022)
Executive Director of Alumni and Career Services

Alumni Engagement

Kelley Z. Melvin, B.S. (2017, 2022)
Director of Alumni Engagement

Michelle Jones, B.S. (2018, 2021)
Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

Lifelong Learning

Gary Kirk, Ph.D. (2023, 2023)
Director of Lifelong Learning Programs

Ruth Candler (2014, 2019)
Associate Director of Lifelong Learning

Career and Professional Development (Undergraduate)

Molly M. Steele, M.S. (2016, 2022)
Director of Career and Professional Development

Lorriann Olán, J.D. (2007, 2021)
Senior Associate Director, Career and Professional Development

Heather Scherschel, Ph.D. (2022, 2022)
Associate Director of Career and Professional Development

Lauren E. Vance, B.A. (2020, 2020)
Associate Director, Career and Professional Development


Susan Wood, M.S. (2001, 2021)
Executive Director of University Development

Ronni M. Gardner, B.S. (2005, 2022)
Director of Campaign Strategy and Management

Jocelyn Lewis, M.S.W. (2021, 2021)
Director of Leadership Giving

Wendy Lovell, B.A. (2009, 2021)
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Director of Donor Relations

Erin Stringer, B.A. (2019, 2019)
Director of Reunion Giving

Sydney Sullivan Cross, B.A. (2022, 2023)
Director of Annual Giving

Emily Pogue, M.A. (2023, 2023)
Director of Annual Fund Leadership Gifts

Steve Wasser, B.A. (2017, 2020)
Director of Regional Leadership Giving

Tara Hackenberg, B.A. (2022, 2022)
Director of Parent Giving

Nancy McIntrye, M.Ed. (2009, 2021)
Director of Undergraduate Academic Development

C.J. Davis, MPA (2019, 2019)
Director of Prospect Development and Strategy

Kenny Melvin, B.S. (2018, 2018)
Senior Director of Development/Williams School Liaison

Amy Bersett, B.A. (2017, 2022)
Senior Director of Development

Law School Advancement

Elizabeth Outland Branner, M.B.A. (1999, 2015)
Assistant Dean for Law School Advancement

Special Events

Mary H. Webster, B.A. (2013, 2021)
Director of Special Events

Administrative Emeriti

June R. Aprille, Ph.D. (2007, 2011)
Provost, Emerita

Kenneth Patrick Ruscio, Ph.D. (2006, 2017)
President, Emeritus