2010-2011 School of Law Catalog 
    Sep 22, 2020  
2010-2011 School of Law Catalog archived


Fall Semester 2010

August 23 Monday—1L Orientation begins
August 30 Monday—1L and 2L classes begin; 3L skills immersion course begins
September 8 Wednesday—Convocation
September 10 Friday—3L skills immersion course ends
September 13 Monday—Practicum classes begin
October 8 Friday—Fall Break begins after classes
October 13 Wednesday—Classes resume
November 19 Friday—Thanksgiving Break begins after classes
November 29 Monday—Classes resume
December 7 Tuesday—1L and 2L classes end
December 8 Wednesday—Reading days begin
December 10 Friday—Upper-level examinations begin
December 11 Saturday—1L examinations begin
December 14 Tuesday—Practicum classes end
December 18 Saturday—Examinations end

Spring Semester 2011

January 10 Monday—1L and 2L classes begin; 3L skills immersion course begins
January 17 Monday— MLK Jr. Day (adjusted class schedule)
January 19 Wednesday—Founders’ Day (adjusted class schedule)
January 24 Monday—Practicum classes begin
March 4 Friday—Spring Break begins after classes
March 14 Monday—Classes resume
April 15 Friday—1L and 2L classes end
April 16 Saturday—Reading days begin
April 19 Tuesday—Upper-level examinations begin
April 20 Wednesday—1L examinations begin
April 22 Friday—Practicum classes end
April 27 Wednesday—Examinations end
May 7 Saturday—Commencement