2022-2023 School of Law Catalog 
    Jun 16, 2024  
2022-2023 School of Law Catalog archived

Programs for Academic Credit

Students are selected to take part in the following Moot Court Board sponsored competitions based on their performance in intramural competitions, or interested students may seek faculty coaching and supervision for competitions not sponsored by the Moot Court Board:

Appellate Advocacy Competition (LAW 916). The competition involves a contemporary question of constitutional law consisting of two components: preparation of an appellate brief and presentation of oral arguments as well as write briefs. One credit, ungraded. 

Arbitration Competition (LAW 915). Students conduct a simulated arbitration on behalf of a client. One credit, ungraded. 

Client Counseling Competition (LAW 917). This competition involves the simulation of a law firm consultation with a client. Students interview the client to elicit information needed to handle the legal problem presented and then discuss preparation of a post interview memorandum. One credit, ungraded. 

Mediation Competition (LAW 913). Students simulate advocates and clients in a mediation setting. One credit, ungraded. 

Moot Court Competitions (LAW 918). Students write a brief and argue orally in a hypothetical appellate court during inter-school competition. One credit, ungraded. 

In recent years, students have competed in the National Moot Court Competition, the Jessup International Moot Court Competition, and the J. Braxton Craven Moot Court Competition, among others.

Mock Trial Competitions (LAW 919). Students interview witnesses and then conduct a mock trial. One credit, ungraded. 

In recent years, students have competed in the National Mock Trial Competition, the ATLA Mock Trial Competition, and the ABA Criminal Justice Mock Trial Competition.

Negotiation Competition (LAW 914). Students simulate representation of a client in negotiating a contract or settling a dispute. One credit, ungraded. 

Moot Court Board (LAW 920).  Sstudents may earn credit for participation on the Moot Court Board, one credit, ungraded per semester for the Chair and Vice Chairs, and one credit for members of the “Lower Board” (those in charge of particular intramural competitions) in the semester of the relevant competition. 

*Moot court competitions may not be repeated for additional academic credit.


Students may be selected to serve on these scholarly journals:

German Law Journal (LAW 969)

Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice: 2L (LAW 970)

Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice: 3L (LAW 971)

Law Review: 3L (LAW 910)

Law Review: 2L (LAW 911)