2022-2023 University Catalog (under review) 
    Oct 02, 2022  
2022-2023 University Catalog (under review)

East Asian Studies (EAS)

East Asian Studies

The Program in East Asian Studies is interdisciplinary, involving seven departments of the University. It includes coursework in Chinese or Japanese language, as well as courses in a wide variety of fields to introduce the student to the cultures and societies of East Asia. For the EAS minor, students focus their formal study on either China or Japan.

East Asian Studies students are strongly encouraged to participate in Washington and Lee’s study and exchange programs in China and Japan or in another approved study abroad program. Information and applications for these programs are available through the Center for International Education. Currently, a Washington and Lee spring term language program is offered in Kanazawa, Japan; no prior study of Japanese is required for this program. A similar program in Chinese is offered in alternate years at East China Normal University in Shanghai. Spring term non-language programs may also be offered in China and Japan, pending faculty availability. Please speak with program faculty for additional information on opportunities for study abroad in Japan and China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The program draws faculty from art, East Asian languages and literatures, economics, history, politics, and religion. Further information may be obtained from the website at my.wlu.edu/east-asian-studies-program.

Program Head: David A. Bello

Core Faculty

First date is the year in which the faculty member began service as regular faculty at the University. Second date is the year of appointment to the present rank.

David A. Bello, Ph.D. (2004, 2016)
Elizabeth Otey Professor of History
Ph.D., University of Southern California

Hongchu Fu, Ph.D. (2002, 2011)
Professor of East Asian Languages
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles

Ronald Fuchs, M.A. (2008, 2017)
Instructor of Museum Studies and Curator, Reeves Collection
M.A., University of Delaware

Janet Ikeda, Ph.D. (1999, 2002)
Associate Professor of East Asian Languages
Ph.D., Princeton University

Li Kang, Ph.D. (2019, 2019)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Syracuse University

Timothy Lubin, Ph.D. (1997, 2009)
Professor of Religion
Ph.D., Columbia University

Yanhong Zhu, Ph.D. (2009, 2015)
Associate Professor of Chinese
Ph.D, University of Southern California


East Asian Studies Courses

East Asian Studies courses are as follows:



Interdisciplinary Minor