2010-2011 University Catalog 
    Mar 22, 2023  
2010-2011 University Catalog archived

Romance Languages (ROML)

French (FREN)

G. W. Custis Lee Foundation

Professors Lambeth, Radulescu
Associate Professors Frégnac-Clave, Kamara

Honors: An Honors Program in French is offered for qualified students; see department head for details.

Teacher Certification: Students wishing to teach French in secondary school have the opportunity for certification from the Commonwealth of Virginia, reciprocal in 40 additional states. In general, fulfillment of general education requirements and requirements for the major in French make up the core of the certification requirement. Students must complete at least 33 credits in language. In addition, students must take up to 15 credits in education courses, as well as additional credits in student teaching. Interested students should consult the Director of Teacher Education.

Italian (ITAL)

Portuguese (PORT)

Spanish (SPAN)

Professors Bailey, Barnett, Boetsch, Campbell, Mayock, West-Settle
Assistant Professors Botta, González

Students who plan work in Spanish and another Romance language are advised to refer to the description of the Romance languages major.

Spanish courses are numbered according to the following scheme.
200-209, 300-309 Language
210-219, 310-319 Civilization, Culture, Analysis
220-229, 320-339 Peninsular literature
240-249, 340-359 Spanish-American literature
260-269, 360-369 Hispanic (Transatlantic)
270-279, 370-379 Literary Analysis and Theory


Majors may count one 200-level Romance Language literature course taught in English by Romance Languages faculty toward the requirements of the Spanish or French major, or the primary language of the Romance Languages major. Approved courses, if any, will be identified on the Romance Languages web site during registration each term.