2010-2011 University Catalog 
    Dec 09, 2021  
2010-2011 University Catalog archived

African-American Studies (AFAM)

Core Faculty:
Professors Conner, Novack, Simpson
Associate Professors, DeLaney, Kamara, Morel
Assistant Professors Diette, Jennings

African-American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that spans several disciplines, including art, history, literature, politics, sociology, and music. Courses listed below meet the requirements of the African-American studies minor, but other courses across the curriculum that include an appropriate proportion of material on Africans or African-Americans may be substituted with the approval of the program’s advisory committee. In such cases, students may petition the committee to allow other relevant courses.

African-American Studies Courses

African-American Studies courses are as follows:


Interdisciplinary Minor