2017-2018 School of Law Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2017-2018 School of Law Catalog archived


Fall Semester 2017

August 14 Monday—1L orientation and 3L immersion begin
August 21 Monday—1L classes begin
August 25 Friday—3L immersion ends
August 28 Monday—2L and 3L classes begin
September 6 Wednesday—Convocation
September 29 Friday—Fall Break begins after classes
October 4 Wednesday—Classes resume
November 17 Friday—Thanksgiving Break begins after classes
November 27 Monday—Classes resume
November 28 Tuesday—1L classes end
November 29 Wednesday—1L reading days begin
December 5 Tuesday—2L and 3L classes end
December 6 Wednesday—1L examinations begin; 2L and 3L reading days begin
December 9 Saturday—2L and 3L examinations begin
December 16 Saturday—Examinations end

Spring Semester 2018

January 8 Monday—all classes begin
January 15 Monday—Martin Luther King Day (classes cancelled)
January 18 Founders’ Day
March 2 Friday—Spring Break begins after classes
March 12 Monday—Classes resume
April 16 Monday—all classes end
April 17 Tuesday—Reading days begin
April 20 Friday—Examinations begin
April 27 Friday—Examinations end
May 5 Saturday—Commencement