2017-2018 University Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
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Africana Studies (AFCA)

Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary program which offers a minor that spans several disciplines, including art, history, literature, music, politics, and sociology.

Program Head: Mohamed Kamara

Core Faculty

First date is the year in which the faculty member began regular faculty service at the University. Second date is the year of appointment to the present rank.

Niels-Hugo Blunch, PhD.—(2006)-2012
Associate Professor of Economics
Ph.D., George Washington University

Marc C. Conner, Ph.D.—(1996)-2008
Jo. M and James M. Ballengee Professor of English
Ph.D., Princeton University

Theodore C. DeLaney, Ph.D.—(1995)-2001
Associate Professor of History
Ph.D., College of William and Mary

J. Tyler Dickovick, Ph.D.—(2004)-2010
Associate Professor of Politics
Ph.D., Princeton University

Timothy M. Diette, Ph.D.—(2004)-2013
Associate Professor of Economics
Ph.D., University of North Carolina

Robert Matthew Gildner, Ph.D.—(2012)-2012
Assistant Professor of History
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin

Mohamed Kamara, Ph.D.—(2001)-2008
Associate Professor of Romance Languages
Ph.D., Tulane University

Lucas E. Morel, Ph.D.—(1999)-2009
Class of 1960 Professor of Ethics and Politics
Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School

David Robert Novack, Ph.D.—(1976)-1988
Professor of Sociology
Ph.D., New York University

Courses listed below meet the requirements of the Africana studies minor, but other courses across the curriculum that include an appropriate proportion of material on Africans or Africans in the Diaspora may be substituted with the approval of the program’s advisory committee. In such cases, students may petition the committee to allow other relevant courses.

Africana Studies Courses

Africana Studies courses are as follows:



Interdisciplinary Minor