2014-2015 University Catalog 
    Feb 26, 2024  
2014-2015 University Catalog archived

Administrative Officers

Supervisory staff with earliest date of most recent employment (in parentheses) and date of most recent title, reflecting employment after July 1, 2014.


Supervisory staff with earliest date of most recent employment (in parentheses) and date of most recent title:

Corporate Officers

Kenneth P. Ruscio, Ph.D.—(2006)-2006
President of the University

Steven G. McAllister, M.B.A.—(1993)-2008
Treasurer and Vice President for Finance

James D. Farrar Jr., B.A.—(1986)-2002
Secretary of the University and Senior Assistant to the President

Office of the President

Kenneth P. Ruscio, Ph.D.—(2006)-2006
President of the University

James D. Farrar Jr., B.A.—(1986)-2002
Secretary of the University and Senior Assistant to the President

Elizabeth Knapp, Ph.D.—(1997)-2013
Senior Assistant to the President and Director of the Johnson Program

Academic Administration

Daniel A. Wubah, Ph.D.—(2013)-2013

Marc C. Conner, Ph.D.—(1996)-2013
Associate Provost

R. Bryan Price, M.Ed.—(2012)-2012
Assistant Provost and Director of Institutional Research

Suzanne Keen, Ph.D.—(2012)-2012
Dean of The College

Marcia France, Ph.D.—(2012)-2012
Associate Dean of The College

Wendy L. Price, M.H.P., J.D.—(2010)-2013
Associate Dean of The College

Larry C. Peppers, Ph.D.—(1986)-1986
Crawford Family Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

Robert D. Straughan, Ph.D.—(2000)-2003
Associate Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

Rachel R. Beanland, B.A.—(2014)-2014
Assistant Dean of the Ernest Williams II School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics

John Tombarge, M.L.S.—(1996)-2013
University Librarian

D. Scott Dittman, A.B.—(1985)-1985
University Registrar

Barbara L. Rowe, M.S.—(2002)-2002
Associate University Registrar

Deborah K. Alden, B.B.A.—(1990)-2007
Assistant University Registrar

H. Laurent Boetsch Jr., D.M.L.—(1976)-2008
Director of International Education

Amy S. Richwine, M.S.—(2000)-2003
Associate Director, International Education and International Student and Scholar Adviser

Robert W. H. Mish III, M.A.—(1990)-2005
Director, Lenfest Center for the Performing Arts

Rodney T. Smith, M.A.—(1995)-1995
Editor of Shenandoah

Paul Richard Kuettner, D.M.L.—(1989)-1989
Director, Tucker Multimedia Center

Physical Education and Athletics

Janine M. Hathorn, M.A.—(1987)-2007
Head of the Department and Athletics Director

Elizabeth Igo LeRose, M.Ed.—(2014)-2014
Associate Athletics Director

Brian Lee Snyder, B.S.—(2000)-2007
Assistant Athletics Director

Neil Cunningham, M.S.—(2000)-2007
Assistant Athletics Director

Information Technology Services (ITS)

David W. Saacke, B.S.—(2007)-2011
Chief Technology Officer

Mark Keeley, M.A.—(2011)-2011
Director of ITS Projects

Julie M. Knudson, M.A.—(2001)-2007
Director, Academic Technologies and Client Services

Jeffrey L. McCreery, B.A.—(2008)-2008
Director, Core Services

Dean E. Tallman, B.A.—(1999)-2011
Director, Enterprise Applications and Information Security Officer

Thomas W. Tinsley, B.S.—(1980)-2007
Director, Network and Telecommunications

School of Law

Nora V. Demleitner, LL.M.—(2012)-2012
Dean, School of Law
Samuel W. Calhoun, J.D.—(1978)-2013
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, School of Law
Tammi M. Hellwig, J.D.—(2012)-2013 (to December 31, 2014)
Assistant Dean for Clinic and Externship Administration, School of Law

Clifford R. Jarrett, J.D.—(2014)-2014
Assistant Dean for Career Planning, School of Law

Shawn McShay, M.B.A. —(2012)-2012
Assistant Dean for Admissions, School of Law

Stephen Brett Twitty, J.D. —(2007)-2012 (to January 30, 2015)
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs of the School of Law

Christopher M. Bruner, M.Phil., J.D. —(2009)-2014
Director, Frances Lewis Law Center, School of Law

Elizabeth Outland Branner, M.B.A. —(1999)-2008
Director of Law School Advancement
Benjamin E. Hartless—(2005)-2011
Director of Law Technology Services

Peter Jetton, M.A.—(2000)-2008
Director of Law Communications
Linda F. Johnson—(1978)-2007
Director of Law Records
Caroline Osborne, LL.M., M.L.S.—(2007)-2009
Director of the Law Library

Student Affairs and Auxiliary Services

Sidney S. Evans, J.D.—(2000)-2011
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

David M. Leonard, M.S.—(2003)-2011
Dean of Student Life

Tamara Y. Futrell, M.S.—(2003)-2006
Associate Dean of Students

Tammi R. Simpson, J.D.—(2013)-2013
Associate Dean of Students

Jason L. Rodocker, M.Ed., J.D.—(2005)-2014
Associate Dean of Students and Dean of First-Year Experience

Megan T. Schneider, M.Ed.—(2012)-2014
Assistant Dean of Students

James Dick, M.A.—(2004)-2013
Director of Student Activities and Outdoor Education

Amy B. Perkins, M.A.Ed.—(2011)-2013
Director of Residence and Greek Life

Kim H. Cowgill, M.S.—(2013)-2014
Director of Sustainability Initiatives and Education

Lynn B. Fitch, B.S.—(1996)-2012
Manager of Student Affairs Operations

Auxiliary Services

Paul F. Renzi, M.S.—(2011)-2011
Director of Auxiliary Services

Dwight D. Bitz—(1996)-2011
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Dining Services  

Joseph B. Calicchio—(2004)-2011
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Dining Services

W. Berkeley Harner—(1996)-2012
Assistant Director of Auxiliary Copy/Mail Services
Fontanne S. Bostic—(1971)-2012
Assistant Director for Auxiliary Business Operations

Christopher G. Adkins—(2000)-2005
Supervisor, Mail Services

Kelly J. Brown—(1989)-2012
Manager, Marketplace

Fotini A. Williams—(2012)-2012
Manager, Catering Services

Career Development (Undergraduate)

John A. Jensen, B.A.—(2011)-2014
Director of Career Development and Associate Dean of Students

Sara L. Greene, M.Ed.—(2012)-2014 (to December 31, 2014)
Assistant Director, Career Development

Loriann Olán, J.D.—(2007)-2014
Assistant Director, Career Development

Lauren E. Kozak, J.D.—(2010)-2014
Title IX Coordinator and Assistant Director, Career Development

Caroline Meriwether Schmidt, B.S.—(2015)-2015 (from January 5, 2015)
Assistant Director, Career Development

Health and Counseling Services

Jane T. Horton, M.D.—(1987)-1996
Director of Health and Counseling Services and University Physician

M. Christina Barongan, Ph.D.—(2002)-2002
Clinical Psychologist

E. Kirk Luder, M.D.—(2004)-2004

Janet Boller, Psy.D.—(2010)-2010
Clinical Psychologist

Rallie G. Snowden, M.S.W.—(2014)-2014
University Counselor

Janis G. Kaufman, M.S., M.P.H.—(1991)-2002
Director of Health Promotion 

Public Safety

Ethan R. Kipnes, B.S.—(2013)-2013
Director of Public Safety

Stephen T. Tomlinson—(1983)-2001
Associate Director of Public Safety

Admissions and Financial Aid

William M. Hartog, M.C.S.—(1978)-1989
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Jonathan A. Webster, M. Ed.—(2002)-2002
Associate Dean of Admissions

Christopher C. Browning, B.A.—(2011)-2014
Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Kathryn A. Grow, B.S.—(2010)-2013
Admissions Information System Manager and Operations Coordinator

Ashley N. Milligan, B.A.—(2012)-2014
Assistant Director of Admissions

Admissions Counselor and Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

Brooke P. Hessney, B.A.—(2013)-2013
Admissions Counselor

Grace B. McGee, M.A.—(2013)-2013
Admissions Counselor

Nathaniel S. Hayes, B.A.—(2014)-2014
Admissions Counselor

M. Virginia McGarry, B.A.—(2014)-2014
Admissions Counselor 

Financial Aid

James D. Kaster, B.S.—(2000)-2010
Director of Financial Aid

Jennifer Davis, M.Ed.—(2010)-2010
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Cynthia R. Hintze, B.A.—(1991)-2010
Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Edward Drake Breeden, B.S.—(2013)-2013
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Financial and Administrative Operations

Steven G. McAllister, M.B.A.—(1993)-2008
Treasurer and Vice President for Finance and Administration

Deborah Z. Caylor, B.S.—(1988)-2004
Associate Treasurer and Controller

Stephanie J. Arbanas, B.A.—(2000)-2008
Assistant Treasurer

Sue Bryant—(1982)-2008
Operations Supervisor, Business Office

Cathy A.R. Coleman, B.S.—(2003)-2005
Senior Accountant

Natalie R. Garvis, M.B.A.—(2007)-2007
Associate Controller

Thomas L. (Les) Gearhart, B.S.—(2007)-2011
Payroll and Accounts Payable Manager

Lori Oliver—(2004)-2008
Program Manager

Joan Swisher, B.S.—(2001)-2005
Senior Accountant

Kenneth Charles (K.C.) Schaefer, B.A.—(2004)-2015
Director, Administrative Services (from April 1, 2015)
Director, University Store

Margaret M. Beebe, B.F.A.—(2015)-2015 (from May 18, 2015)
Assistant Director for Marketing and Business Affairs, University Store

David Coffey—(2004)-2007
Operations Manager, University Store

Richard K. Ehresman, M.C.M.—(2013)-2013 (to February 27, 2015)
Book Manager, University Store

April L. Washburn—(2005)-2010
Non-Book Manager, University Store

Human Resources

Amy Diamond Barnes, B.A., SPHR—(2008)-2008
Executive Director of Human Resources

Kimberly S. Austin, B.S., PHR—(1996)-2008
Assistant Director for Operations

Wanda R. Scott—(1979)-2008
Senior Employment/Technology Coordinator

Anne S. Remington, Ed.S., M.A.—(2013)-2013
Work-Life Coordinator

Deborah Stoner—(1989)-2010
Assistant Director for Leaves and Retirement Benefits

Jodi L. Williams, M.B.A—(2002)-2008
Manager, Compensation Programs

Cheryl F. Wright, M.P.S.,SPHR—(2006)-2008
Assistant Director for Workforce Development

University Facilities

John H. Hoogakker, M.I.S.—(2011)-2011
Executive Director, University Facilities

Linda H. Agnor—(1964)-2010
Operations Manager

Randolph Hare—(1971)-2008
Director, Maintenance and Operations

Raymond E. (Billy) Bryant—(1975)-2008
Associate Director, MEP Services

Deborah H. (Debbie) Weinerth—(1988)-2008
Assistant Director, Custodial Services

Ted D. Hickman—(2001)-2010
Assistant Director, Facilities Services

Richard C. (Rick) Rogers, B.S.—(2004)-2004
Assistant Director, Landscape

Thomas M. Kalasky, B.S.—(2005)-2011
Director, Capital Projects

Carole A. Bailey, B.S.—(1996)-2008
Senior Project Manager, Capital Projects

Brian T. Connolly, B.S.—(2013)-2013
Project Manager, Capital Projects

Thomas G. Contos, M.Arch.—(1999)-1999
Architect, University Planner

Michael T. (Truman) Payne, A.A.S.—(2009)-2012
Assistant University Planner

William S. (Scott) Beebe—(1975)-2011
Director, Energy Initiatives

David Merchan, B.S.—(2013)-2013
Engineer, University Facilities

John C. (Chris) Wise—(2006)-2008
Environmental Management Coordinator

L. Paul Burns, M.Div.—(2001)-2011
Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Karen E. Paulk, B.S.—(2012)-2012
Director, Business Operations

Rebecca C. Lewis, A.A.—(1993)-2012
Help Desk Manager

University Advancement

Dennis W. Cross, M.Div., Th.M.—(2004)-2004
Vice President for University Advancement 

Jeffery G. Hanna, B.A.—(2008)-2013
Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives

Alumni Affairs

Waller T. (Beau) Dudley, J.D.—(2006)-2006
Executive Director of Alumni Affairs

Thomas David Lovell, B.S.C.—(2000)-2006
Associate Director of Alumni Programs

Morgan Goss Harris, B.A.—(2013)-2013
Assistant Director of Alumni Programs, Digital Communications and Social Media

Mary H. Webster, B.A.—(2013)-2013
Assistant Director of Alumni Programs, Engagement

Sue Woodruff, B.S.—(1990)-2008
Chapter Programs Coordinator

Communications and Public Affairs

Brian H. Eckert, B.A.—(2013)-2013
Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Julie A. Campbell, M.A.—(2003)-2009
Associate Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Jeremy Scott Franklin, B.A.—(2004)-2013
General Manager of WLUR and Sports Broadcasting

Jamie R. Goodin, B.S.—(2012)-2012
Web Communications Specialist

James C. Goodwin, B.A.—(2010)-2012
Creative Media Specialist

Patrick Hinely, B.A.—(1980)-1980
University Photographer

Brian L. Laubscher, B.S.—(1998)-1998
Sports Information Director

Steve R. Mammarella, B.B.A.—(2010)-2012
Web Developer

Eric J. Owsley, B.A.—(2001)-2012
Manager of Web Develop

Kevin Remington—(2003)-2007
University Photographer

Sarah C. Tschiggfrie, B.A.—(2006)-2006
News Director

Louise E. Uffelman, M.A.—(1993)-2009
Managing Editor of Alumni Magazines

Jessica L. Willett, B.A.—(2002)-2012
Assistant Director of Communications and Public Affairs; Director of Web Communications

Mary S. Woodson, A.S.—(1978)-1998
Assistant Director of Communications and Public Affairs; Publications Director


Clarence (Tres) Mullis, M.B.A.—(2006)-2006
Executive Director of University Development

Skyler A. Beaver—(2013)-2013
Director of Annual Giving

Leroy C. (Buddy) Atkins II, B.A.—(1977)-2005 (to September 5, 2014)
Director of Donor Relations

Jay N. Bozman Jr., M.Ed., M.B.A.—(2014)-2014
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Holly M. Breen, M.A.T.—(2014)-2014
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Jessica C. Cohen, B.A.—(2006)-2006
Director of Reunion Giving

Susan Wood Cunningham, M.S.—(2001)-2014
Director of Leadership Giving

Debra J. (Deb) Darling, B.A.—(2008)-2008
Director of Prospect Development

Ronni M. Gardner, B.S.—(2005)-2005
Development Officer for Special Projects

George W. Graves, M.S.—(2004)-2004
Associate Director , Corporate and Foundation Relations and Faculty Grants

A. Henry (Hank) Humphreys Jr., M.A.—(1999)-2014
Director of Gift Planning

Robert D. Koch, B.A.—(2008)-2014 (from April 21, 2014)
Regional Director of Development

Meghan L. McCleery, B.A.—(2011)-2011
Director of Parent Giving

Nancy P. McIntyre, M.Ed.—(2009)-2009
Senior Director of Development for The College

Brandon R. Morey, B.S.—(2010)-2012
Director of Advancement Operations

Brandon P. Patterson, M.F.A.—(2010)-2012
Assistant Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Stephen D. Snead, M.Ed.—(2006)-2014
Associate Director of Leadership Giving

Michael F. Walsh, B.A.—(1989)-2006
Special Assistant to Vice President for University Advancement

Tiffany N. Washington, B.A.—(2014)-2014
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Louise M. Wasserott, M.S.—(2008)-2014
Associate Director of Gift Planning

Judith Wubah, Ph.D.—(2013)-2013
Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives

Elizabeth Outland Branner, M.B.A.—(1999)- 2008
Director of Law School Advancement

Sarah Nichols Hughes, M.Ed.—(2003)-2012
Associate Director of Law School Advancement

Special Events

Barbara W. Mollica, B.A.—(1992)-2006
Director of Special Events and Guest Services

Special Programs

Robert P. Fure, Ph.D.—(1977)-1981
Director of Special Programs

Susan L. Thompson, M.A.—(1995)-2002
Associate Director of Special Programs

University Collections

Peter Dun Grover, M.A., M.B.A.—(2003)-2003
Director, University Collections

Patricia A. Hobbs, M.A.—(1998)-2008
Associate Director, University Collections

General Counsel

Leanne M. Shank, J.D.—(1995)-1995
General Counsel

Jennifer E. Kirkland, J.D.—(1997)-2006
Associate General Counsel

Jana Carissa Shearer, J.D.—(2013)-2013
Staff Attorney


Administrative Emeriti

Maurice D. Leach, A.B., B.L.S.—(1968)-1988 (deceased, March 21, 2015)
Librarian, Emeritus

James W. Whitehead, B.S.—(1958)-1992
Secretary of the University, Treasurer, and Director of the Reeves Center, Emeritus

Frank A. Parsons, B.A.—(1954)-1999
Coordinator of Facilities Planning, Emeritus

Farris P. Hotchkiss, B.A.—(1966)-2002
Secretary of the University and Senior Assistant to the President, Emeritus

June R. Aprille, Ph.D.—(2007)-2011
Provost, Emerita