2011-2012 University Catalog 
    May 26, 2018  
2011-2012 University Catalog archived

Journalism and Mass Communications (JOUR)

Professors Luecke, de Maria, Locy, Richardson, Wasserman
Associate Professors Abah, Artwick, Cumming
Assistant Professor Somani
Visiting Assistant Professor Smith

The preprofessional sequences—journalism and business journalism—are appropriate for students who plan a career in a newsroom. Students considering one of these sequences and planning a study abroad term are strongly urged to consult a department faculty member during the first year.

The mass communications sequence is appropriate for students seeking a general liberal arts major.

No more than three credits toward the degree, regardless of course designation or major sequence, may be earned through internships or other experiential courses.

Students considering advertising or public relations as a career should take JOUR 225 and JOUR 232, as well as courses in advertising, economics, and marketing.

Honors: An Honors Program in journalism is offered for qualified students; see the catalog statement on Requirements for Honors in the Major  , the Journalism Department website, journalism.wlu.edu, and the department head for details.

Cable Channel 18—A fully equipped television studio and control room used as a laboratory for television courses. News and public affairs programming is presented to the community through the Lexington cable television system. Cable 18 is operated entirely by students under the direction of journalism faculty members.